Here’s How You Can Move Forward-Get Unstuck

We all have something we planned to do this year‚ÄĒa resolution or a goal we set‚ÄĒsomething we really wanted to do. It’s still not done, is it? If you want to move forward-get unstuck -there’s still time. Remember how excited and optimistic you felt back when you committed to yourself to finally make it happen? […]

Fighting with Friends? You Might Be The Problem!

Tips for Teen Social Drama Resolution

Why does teen social drama resolution seem to be so complicated? In a simply boiled-down nutshell, the drama is inevitable ¬†because teens are still learning about themselves and how they relate to their friends and world around them. Teens are also over-stressed in our crazy world and managing the emotions they feel around their lives […]

teen social drama resolution

Programs to Help You Get Back on Track

You spoke, I listened! This summer, my clients told me they’d like more help to get back on track and maintain motivation to stay there. Starting in September, I have new workshops, classes and a free newsletter to do just that.

If you want to figure out what you want out of life and get past the obstacles that block your way, join my community. Here are just some of the things we’ll be covering: how to create more time, how gain more clarity, creating consistency, stress-reduction and success routines. Plus lots of other good stuff like improving parent-teen relationships and preparing your teen for college.

I’ll also be teaching teens how to understand their gifts and how to use them, how to pick a direction in life and how to gain confidence and clarity about their life purpose. If you want to know more, watch this quick, 2-minute video.

Want in?

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Parenting Followers: Why It’s Great If Your Child Isn’t a Leader

Leaders or Followers: which is better? In education, sports, and parenting, there is often a message that kids should be leaders. But what if you’re parenting followers? Are they doomed to mediocrity? Is there anything you can do about it? Leaders and followers are mostly made, as opposed to being born as one or the […]

parenting followers

The Art of Getting Started

Sometimes you’re mind gets blocked and you just can’t seem to get going. Creative exercises can get you flowing again. That why I love this little book. It’s a creative journal¬†that you can-and should-write inside on the pages. So forget what your mom and the librarian taught you about never writing in books and grab your colored pencils. Mark it up, sketch, draw and color without guilt!

creativity journal

Self Growth Goals: A Secret to Achieving When You’d Rather Quit

Did you set self growth goals this year? How’s your progress?¬†Maybe¬†you are¬†one of¬†the 92% who have already given up. If you are, maybe it’s time to try again. Whatever category your goals fit into: health, fitness, relationships, financial, career, I have a¬†secret to keep going that will work. Let’s use exercise as an example since […]

self growth goals

Life Purpose: What does it have to do with Monday Morning?

How many people do you think know their life purpose? If the number of social media posts I see every weekend that complain about the upcoming Monday is any indication, I¬†think¬†there are a lot of unfulfilled people out there. What surprises me, though, is how many people don’t do anything about it. Today, I pose¬†a¬†simple […]

When will you discover your life purpose