Parenting Followers: Why It’s Great If Your Child Isn’t a Leader

Leaders or Followers: which is better? In education, sports, and parenting, there is often a message that kids should be leaders. But what if you’re parenting followers? Are they doomed to mediocrity? Is there anything you can do about it? Leaders and followers are mostly made, as opposed to being born as one or the […]

parenting followers

The Art of Getting Started

Sometimes you’re mind gets blocked and you just can’t seem to get going. Creative exercises can get you flowing again. That why I love this little book. It’s a creative journal that you can-and should-write inside on the pages. So forget what your mom and the librarian taught you about never writing in books and grab your colored pencils. Mark it up, sketch, draw and color without guilt!

creativity journal

Self Growth Goals: A Secret to Achieving When You’d Rather Quit

Did you set self growth goals this year? How’s your progress? Maybe you are one of the 92% who have already given up. If you are, maybe it’s time to try again. Whatever category your goals fit into: health, fitness, relationships, financial, career, I have a secret to keep going that will work. Let’s use exercise as an example since […]

self growth goals

Life Purpose: What does it have to do with Monday Morning?

How many people do you think know their life purpose? If the number of social media posts I see every weekend that complain about the upcoming Monday is any indication, I think there are a lot of unfulfilled people out there. What surprises me, though, is how many people don’t do anything about it. Today, I pose a simple […]

When will you discover your life purpose

Prepare for College and Life: How to Help Your Teen

This year my son graduates from college. We’re excited. He’s excited. Naturally he’s being asked, “What are you going to do when you graduate?” Since he can’t provide a solid answer quite yet he’s a little nervous. He’s even questioned whether he should have taken a year off after high school to better prepare for college. […]

how to help your teen prepare for college and life

Teen Burnout: Ideas for Parents to Recognize the Signs

and prevent it from spiraling out of control

It occurred to me that March Madness applies to more than just college basketball. Right about this time, everything about the school year for all teens is fast and furious. Academic intensity is at its peak. At the same time so are sports and extra-curriculars. Add in rampant winter illnesses, like strep throat, and you have a recipe for teen burnout. Not surprisingly, stress […]

recognizing signs of teen burnout

The Difference Between Popularity & Friendship

It’s easy to understand why teens seek popularity. After all, by definition it means “the condition of being liked, admired or supported by many people.” But ask the parent of any teen girl and you’ll likely be reminded that there is a difference between popularity and friendship. Becky was one of those girls who was […]